Who are these people?

Lola, The Bruce, Sami, and Pip

Lola, The Bruce, Sami, and Pip


Samantha Story-Camp

Goddess of Soaps

Samantha has been making soaps since 2005. The obsession started innocently enough. A writer friend had written an e-book on making soaps in the kitchen which Sami bought to be supportive. Soaping is too much fun to do just once or twice, so soon Sami was making soaps for friends and family and castmates. When she decided to make the leap to “professional saponifier” after years of nagging and prodding by friends, she looked at what soaps were out there in the market and realized that there was a profound lack of natural, “lightly scented” soaps. Since both Sami and her young son Perrin (aka the Pip of Pip & Lola’s) have nagging skin issues, she decided to focus on allergy and scent-sensitive friendly soaps that had restorative properties. She spent the next 6 months conducting an intensive self-study about the art and craft of soap making before settling on the exact recipes and types she wanted to share with the world and continues to tweak and play with different combos. When Pip & Lola’s first launched its soap line, there were 10 soaps. At this point (showing a complete lack of self-control), there are about 120.


Bruce Story-Camp


The Builder of Kilts

aka The Bruce

The Bruce (as his wife refers to him) is in many ways the Face of Pip & Lola's. He is the one you will see out at the markets and craft shows. He is the one hauling our goodies across town to the various retail locations. He is often behind the counter at our storefront. But did you know that The Bruce also builds kilts?? It's true. He builds beautiful kilts that are completely made to order. If you harass him enough, he might even make some for the shop. (Can you tell Sami has been trying to get him to do this?)

Pip & Lola


The Kidlets/Namesakes

Pip & Lola’s is named after Samantha’s kidlets, Lorelai age 11 and Perrin age 9, whose nicknames are Pip (Perrin) and Lola (Lorelai). Nothing is cuter than the kidlets hawking goods to our amazing customers and getting so excited when new people come visit the market booths or stop us on the street to tell us how much they love the soaps. They also frequently serve as our models and spokeskidlets, which is too cute for words.